In a broad sense, the various apparatus, which used in the tea ceremony, is called DA GI ().
In a restricted sense, the word DA GI is cups and/or bowls which used to brew tea.
Other apparatus, such as tea-table and tea-spoon, is called DA GU ()
Depends on the type of tea, tea-leaves or tea-powder, there are difference in the tea-set.
  The tea-set for brewing tea-leaves:  
The essential components of are a DA KWAN (θ: teakettle), a teakettle lid rest,
a SUK WOO (: water cooling bowl), a CHA CAHN (: teacup),
a teacup rest, CHA BAN (: tea-tray).
Traditionally, there are three names for the teakettle: from the spout of a kettle, it is called
DA BYUNG (ܺ) if the bail is on the side, DA HO () if the bail is on the opposite side
and DA KWAN (θ) If the bail is on top. Currently, all types teakettle is commonly
called DA KWAN (θ).
The teakettle must have an artistic character with balanced harmony of body, spout,
bail and its lid for a sense of esthetic appreciation and a functional character for its usage.
There are two factors for teakettles functional quality:
SAM SOO(߲) for proper flow of water and SAM PYUNG (߲) for perfect balance
of its shape. There are two type of teacup, CHAN () and BAE ().
A stem of Bae is higher than a stem of Jahn and the Jahn is more suitable
for Korean tradition. To sense the touch of its aroma, the teacup should have
proper thickness, shape and size.
The tea-set for brewing tea-powder:
DA WAN (: tea-bowl) is required for this tea set. The tea-bowl from Joseun dynasty has virtuousness
in its shape that suit to every occasions.
In oriental philosophy, teacup, made from a handful of dirt, is the foremost vessel of all.
Its simplicity did not come from effortless potter-ship, but it came from spotless beauty
of pure and complete balance. It is harmony of elegance and dignity
The height of tea-bowl is about the size of the palm of hand. Texture, color,
condition of glaze,and processing procedure of tea-bowl determines
the taste and aroma of tea and brewing.
For example, a porcelain type of cup is appropriate for the green tea.
Not only used to brew a tea, the tea-set shares a life and its stories with our ancestors.
Its mended scar is proof of ages and its history.
The beauty of life was founded from the reflection of tea- set.